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P. A. Michael is a free-spirited human. She looks 10 years younger than her age. She feels 10 years younger than her age. Is into many forms of hands on crafts, art, and creative writing. Loves to teach and share everything she knows. Loves to learn everything she doesn't. Dreams in color and code.

As a Graphics Designer, she brings simple, playful ideas to reality for your sheer enjoyment. As a Website Coder, she likes to wrangle a few hooks and functions here and there while making a script submit to her will.

As a Writer, well, she writes written words. And hand-cuffs grammar. Also, supports the Oxford comma.


I Specialize In:


Web Interface Design, Blog Design, CMS Integration, Website Coding (PHP, HTML/CSS), as well as implementation of Ajax, JavaScript, and JQuery.


Copywriting, Ghost writing, Blog Writing, Copyediting, Line editing, Proofreading, Researching

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Primary Phone: 1 (336) 705 - 1592
Twitter: @TasiaChiba
LinkedIn: @Pamala Michael

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